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A: The incidence of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis (usually attributed to Vytorin, and statins in general) is increased with simultaneous use of verapamil.

With regard to what to look out for, basically muscle pain and aches — other than that, lab tests are used for diagnosis, such as serum CPK and urine myoglobin

Q: What happens when you stop taking vytorin or replace it with a herb?
I take vytorin on a regular basis but my insurance has not kicked in yet. Someone tole be you can use nycoin to replace it. Is this true?

A: I took several of those sorts of drugs for 11 years to try to get the lipids results to come in to alignment. When one wouldn’t work, my doctor would Rx the next one for me to try. None of them ever did a thing to lower the LDL or raise the HDL.

I quit taking the Vytorin about 6 months ago. The cardio nurse had a fit. But the Lipids panel is now in alignment with how the doctors seem to think it should be!! And this since quitting the Vytorin????

It didn’t do a thing to me for quitting it abruptly when I got tired of paying for it.

Read here:

Q: Can Vytorin cause you to have low or no sex drive?
I have been taking Vytorin for over 1 year. I don’t know if it is causing me to not have a sex drive. Does anyone know if this is possible. I also take omega 369 and small aspirin before bet time. Please contact me if you have any info about this.

A: ask you doctor or pharmitist

Q: I have heard a rumor that Vytorin and Zetia may be more detrimental to carotid arteries. Is this true?
A relative called to tell me that they heard a news clip on Monday, stating that Vytorin and/or Zetia might be the newfound cause of clogging carotid arteries. I cannot find any information about this new finding on the web. Can you supply links, so that I can review and discuss with my Doctor?

Thanks :)

A: Ok, what has happened here is the reults of a study have just been released. This study, the ENHANCE study, had two groups of people, one taking Vytorin, which is Zetia and Simvastin, while the others took just simvastin. Simvastin works by blocking the production of cholesterol and zetia works by blocking absorbtion of cholesterol in the intestine.

In the study the primary endpoint was degree the of atheroclerosis, mearusred by imaging.

Those who took the zetia had a much larger reduction in LDL that the controll group, yet there was no statistical difference in the degree of atherocslerosis. The trend did hint towards more atherosclerosis in those taking zetia, but it realy is too small to make any claims about it. There was also no difference in cardiovascular events between the two groups.
What seems to be happeneing is the the media is concentrating on the claim that zetia increases atherosclerosis, which the study sponsers can easily claim to be false. This is detracting from the truth here.
taking Zetia gives no protection against CHD at all.. None. Zilch. There is no point in taking this drug.

The other thing that this study shows, is that reducing LDL (because zetia did do that) gives no benefit at all.

These results are 20 months late in being released and then seemingly due to pressure from congress. The rumour you heard seems to be a red herring dtracting from the truth. again that is;

Zetia gives no protection against CHD
lowering LDL gives no protection against CHD.

no other conclusuions can be drawn from these results.

I’m sorry I cant give any links that dont require a subscription to view. You can get a very brief comment here
some of what is in this article can be viewed here

The study’s sponsers dont seem that keen on the public getting access to these results. I wonder why?

Q: Should you take vytorin along with red yeast rice to lower cholesterol? I also take tircor to lowe triglicer.
Is taking red yeast rice, and vytorin to much on the liver to lower cholesterol? Anyone have answers to this? I also take Lecithine, Fish Oil, and Milk Thistle to help on the liver. Any answers? Help!

A: Have you thought about trying to get off the meds and eat healthier to maintain your health? I’ve recently read about the RYR to lower cholesterol, but keep in mind that if you’re eating unhealthy, you’re probably causing a lot of oxidative damage (or other damage) to your organs and tissues, thus forcing your body to create more cholesterol to repair the damage. Cholesterol is something you can intake via foods, but you make a lot based on need to repair and sustain your body. Health is a choice, and the medical community would have you believe that your cholesterol needs to be lower (well, they sell more drugs that way) when in fact it may be high for a reason. If you short circuit your body’s attempts to sustain itself, it may cause you more trouble in the long run if you can’t rebuild properly. Just a thought.

Q: What is the difference between Vytorin and Zetia?
I am about to change my Rx for cholesterol. Does anyone have experience with these choices? Do they work differently?

A: Vytroin is a combination of 2 different drugs- Zocor (aka simvastatin, a member of the “statin” family that also includes Lipitor, Pravachol, etc. which reduces the amount of cholesterol your body naturally produces) and Zetia. Zetia is just Zetia, it blocks absorption of cholesterol from food.

Q: Has anyone experienced muscle pain and weakness in the arm and hand while taking VYTORIN?
My boyfriend is on Vtorin and it has done wonders for his cholesterol; however, he has extreme pain in his neck, shoulder, and now moving down his arm and into his hand. Over the last few weeks he has gotten to the point that he can’t hardly pick up a glass with that hand, due to the weakness. Has anyone else experienced this?

A: I haven’t but I know someone who had a lot of problems with cholestrol lowering drugs like Vytorin. They ended up with fibromyalgia because of the damage done to their muscles.

These symptoms require that he be seen by his doctor because of the severity of the side effects.

Q: What is a good Vytorin alternative?
With the news about Vytorin not providing much benefit, possible cancer link, is there an alternate medicine (2 drugs in 1 pill) that I could consider to take instead?

A: I’ve found at the following alternatives to Vitorin:

***** crestor
***** lipitor
**** zocor
*** pravachol
** zetia
** tricor
** lovastatin
* simvastatin

Q: When Vytorin claims to treat cholesterol from both food and family sources, does it give credit to Bush for?
putting food on the family?

A: Sorry, your question doesn’t make sense.

Q: can pravachol and vytorin be taken at the same time?
my doctor prescribed pravachol for my cholesterol; 1 week later ; the office mailed results of my blood work with a new prescription for vytorin; I was just wondering if these 2 meds for cholesterol can be taken at this time.

A: I don’t find much saying not to take at the same time , but I would only take Pravachol.

After nearly two years of waiting, the results came out on Monday on the long-awaited heart drug Vytorin — and the news wasn’t good. Vytorin’s manufacturers, Merck and Schering-Plough, announced that while the drug reduced levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, in a group of 750 patients, the medication, which has been on the market since 2004, had little effect on the buildup of plaque in the arteries, a harbinger of heart attack and stroke.

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To many experts, the results were both a surprise and a warning. “The fact that the trial showed a huge LDL reduction, and that things were still going the wrong way [in terms of plaque buildup] is stunning,” says Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and an outspoken critic of the delay in the release of the study results. “This study shows that it matters how you lower cholesterol, not just how much you lower cholesterol.”

Q: Is Crestor really better than Vytorin?
I have high cholesterol and have been taking Vytorin, is it true that Crestor wil lower my LDL?

A: both of them should lower your LDL significantly. vytorin is a combo of 2 drugs in one pill, zocor and zetia. zocor and crestor are similar drugs, but crestor is more potent. the zetia helps to stop you from absorbing as much cholesterol from the food you eat. crestor is better than zocor alone, but vytorin is about as good or better than crestor at lowering LDL, you could talk it over with your doc or pharmacist though about it if you want to try something else

Q: Do you think this Vytorin scandal is the tip of the iceberg for statins in general?
or do you think it’ll end where it is?

A: Simply put, the issue was with ezitimibe, not simvastatin. Ezitimibe is not a statin, and the study showed statins to be effective, and Ezitimibe not to be.

Q: Anyone remember those old Vytorin commercials?
The commercials where they say you get cholesterol from two sources, ie…lemon pie and your Aunt Jane…Anyone remember that little catchy classical piece used in those ads? Was that orginal or something composed for the commercial?

A: Well one thing is for sure… it was not a classical piece. It was an instrumental piece possibly composed for the ad (which is on youtube by the way).

Q: What are these medications for? -Vytorin, Amitriptyline, Loratadine, Analpram,?

A: Hi,

Vytorin is a cholesterol medication.

Amitriptyline is an antidepressant. It is also used as a migraine medication but only when taken in very small doses.

Loratadine is an allergy medication, also known as Claritin.

Analpram is an anesthetic and corticosteroid used to treat itchiness due to rash or allergies.

I wouldn’t recommend taking these together, just so you know. There can be severe drug interactions which can lead to overdose or hospitalization.

Q: Instead of lipitor ask you ask your doctor about taking vytorin. Will it work Ok?
This is for people who have a problem taking lipitor for cholesterol.

A: My husband has been taking Vytorin for close to 2 years now and has had no problems with it. His cholesterol has dropped incredibly and for the first time in a long time, his Dr. is smiling. He only has to take blood tests every 6 months or so to monitor his liver functions (which is typical for other cholesterol medication).

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