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Simvastatin medicine

Two weeks into taking this medicine she has suffered severe pains in her legs particularly in the knee area and is now also suffering from swelling in the neck area.

Is this a common side effect of the medicine Simvastatin? or could it be due to her diabetes?

We have been to see the doctor on a number of occasions but to be honest they don’t seem to have a clue what the problem is…

A: You are describing one of the well documented and troublesome side effect of all the statins Myopathy/Rhabdomyolysis.

The side effect is directly dose related, despite this, current prescribing policy, partly due to the fact that simvastatin is now so cheap, partly because it is not the most potent of the statins and partly because in a general sense the lower the cholesterol the better, is to give a starting dose of 40mgs.

If muscle pain, weakness or cramps occur whilst a patient is receiving treatment with a statin, their CK levels should be measured. If these levels are found, in the absence of strenuous exercise, to be significantly elevated (> 5 x ULN), treatment should be stopped. If muscular symptoms are severe and cause daily discomfort, even if CK levels are < 5 x ULN, treatment discontinuation may be considered. If myopathy is suspected for any other reason, treatment should be discontinued.

If symptoms resolve and CK levels return to normal, then re-introduction of the statin or introduction of an alternative statin may be considered at the lowest dose and with close monitoring.

Q: Can Clonidine or Simvastatin kill a small dog? I think my mom let my dog have medicine, we found her dead?
Basically, I think my elderly mother let my 5 year old 12 pound female jack russel get her medication. She is taking one simvastatin pill and two clonidine pills a day plus a multi vitamin and a low dose asprin. She came on an unexpected visit and my father said she knew how to take her medicine. Well, 2 days into the visit the dog disapears.. Now 1 month later, we discovered her bones (the dogs). I am convinced my mother either gave or dropped some of her pills where the dog could get them. On an interesting note, my father’s 12 yo border collie (in as far as we knew good health) died of a stroke two weeks before this happened. She has now moved in with us and we are vigilant about her medication, but would like to know just in case.. we do have other animals and I want to know how much I need to worry about this.
Thanks for the answers.. We started to hand out and watch her take the medicine immediately because I was pretty sure that this was a possibility. Unfortunately, my father had told us that she knew how to take it.. all we had to do was check the day pack to see that it was gone. Now after 6 weeks of experience with the poor woman, it is clear she is in a much greater fog than he realized (or told us). It is really upsetting that this happened, I had no idea there was any risk with her taking her medication.

A: I’d be worried quite a bit about it. If your mom is not of sound mind than I would administer the drugs to her myself to make sure she takes them and that there is no mistakes by her either.

Yes those drugs can kill a dog.

Q: Would taking a 5mg. of simvastatin durin the first 9 weeks of pregnancy affect my fetus or cause any defects?
simvastatin is a cholesterol medicine.

A: “Do not use Simvastatin if you are pregnant. It may cause harm to the fetus. Avoid becoming pregnant while you are taking it” “incidence of skeletal malformations”. This is what I just read. I would suggest you notify your doctor IMMEDIATELY!

Q: Anyone help me with Itchiness caused by a certain colesterol medicine?
I have been prescribed four different medicines after my angina operation,one of them is “SIMVASTATIN” and on the leaflet it says it can cause itchiness as one of the side effects.My itchiness is so severe i scratch myself with a thick bristle brush just to releive the itchiness ,has anyone been on this or any other medication that has caused severe itchiness?

A: Itching is not a common reaction with Simvastatin. Do you have a rash also or just the itch? Also is there a particular area of your body that itches? If you noticed the itching only after Simvastatin was started, then it likely was the cause although this side effect is not common. I would suggest you notify your doctor and let him know about this. Your doctor may want to stop the Simvastatin and see if the itching improves. Your doctor can consider an alternative cholesterol lowering medication if indicated. Also keep in mind that other things can lead to itching, such as rashes, dry skin, etc.

Q: When prescribed medicine must you take the medicine at the times/before or after food as the doctor has stated
My husband insists taking his medicine before food even when the label on the bottle says after food. I always take my medicine after food as stated and even take simvastatin tables at night as my doctor prescribed. Who is right?

A: your doctor is right..he has the medical experience afterall..check the leaflet in the box for confirmation..taking the meds at the wrong time will reduce their effectiveness

Q: what is the difference between simvastatin and pravastatin?
One of these genereic cholesterol lowering medicines is available at Walmart for $4.00 and the other is not.

A: Both medications are in the same drug class and work by the same mechanism to lower cholesterol. However, simvastatin has a greater effect on lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides and increasing HDL (good cholesterol) than pravastatin. Simvastatin is also more likely to cause the rare but serious side effect of rhabdomyolysis because it is primarily eliminated by the liver where as pravastatin is excreted in the urine. You and your doctor will have to decide if the effects of pravastatin are enough based on how high your cholesterol is and any other health conditions you have.

Q: How long (months or weeks) should I take simvastatin and fenofibrates to lower my cholesterol & triglycerides?
I already started taking both medicines. I had my blood chem last week. My triglycerides level is very high 318 MG/DL and cholesterol level is 220 MG/DL. HDL is low 32MG/DL. Also when should I have my next blood chem taken? Thanks.

A: You’ll likely need them lifetime. Once you stop them, the levels go back up.

When to test depends on the patient Talk to your doctor, but it could be every 1 – 3 – 6 months.

Q: i’m taking simvastatin (zocor) to lower my cloresterol. can i take vitamins at the same time?
Is there any other related issue i should consider while on the medicine? i’m aware of the side effects the medicine may cause but no so sure if taking vitamins can add extra side effects?

A: Yes, it is alright.

Q: moving to vietnam medicine?
i am moving to HCMC(Saigon late February,can i get the following medicines.
1 simvastatin 40mgs.
2.allopurinol. 300
3.enalapril 20.
4.prenolol 50.

A: While Vietnam has most of the medications available in the market place, some are harder to get than others due to brand name. Generics are usually available in that case.

However, to be safe, drop an e-mail to Family Medical Practice in HCMC. They have branches all over Vietnam and have highly trained western doctors on staff.

During the last 18 years, they have literally saved my life on three occasions, so I cannot speak of them highly enough.

Contact them at :

Enjoy your stay with us in Vietnam!

Q: why should I take zocor ( simvastatin ) my cholesterol medication at bedtime?
My doctor told me take it at bedtime and also I was reading about it on the internet that patients usually are advised to take it at bedtime ..

does anyone know why? like does it cause drowsiness or something? or is it just because the patient wont be eating more fat so the medicine will work at its best?

A: Hi Ma, I too take Cholesterol Medication at night time, I’ve asked my Dr why is it to be taken at night , He told me it works better taken at night since one doesn’t eat during the night.. he also told me to try and take it at the same time each night before going to bed.. hope this helps.

Q: 36y male.My Lipid Profile test isn`t in normal range for last 5yrs.when use medicine then control for few days
I used zocor then lipitor, Simvastatin,(these are used many time) now taking Gemfibrozil for last one & half month once a day but no satisfactory results. I dont use any fat in diet, total pervention is conducting as doctors advice. SGPT & CPK Tests are in normal range. Doing Exercise Daily. Please Advice the Reason and Recommend a Medicine / Diet.

A: you cant have a formal consultation for free over the net or on this site since it will be legally binding and you could damage your body without the doctor examining you.

Q: Can I take supplements to help my sex drive?
Loss of sex drive is side effect of blood pressure and/or cholesterol medicine. I want to try herbal supplements but are they safe with Lisinopril and Simvastatin?

A: have you tried stimulants?

Q: I would like to know is simvastatin safe?
well my doctor gave me a perscription for this medicine

A: No drug is safe (even excess intake of water is not safe). Simvastatin like other statin is not a safe drug though it has many advantages. Doctor’s prescribe a drug when they find many benefits compared its side effects. Simvastatin is a better drug than other statin.

Simvastatin (marketed under the trade names Zocor, Simlup, Simcard, Simvacor, and others) is a hypolipidemic drug. It is used to control hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol levels) and to prevent cardiovascular disease. Simvastatin was introduced in the late 1980s, and in many countries it is now available as a generic preparation.

Now see the side effects of Simvastatin: Common side effects may include abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion, and a general feeling of weakness. Rare side effects include joint pain, memory loss, and muscle cramps.

Q: Side effects of my medicines. Are they curing or causing my problems?
I am on the following medication:-
My symptoms are:
Dizziness, Fainting,Drowsiness, Slight nausea, Skin rash, Prostrate.
Studing the leaflets supplied with these medicines nearly all of them have side effects of dizziness, vertigo, fainting, nausea, drowsiness and skin rash. These are the symptoms I’m suffering for which I have been prescribed these medicines. I’m confused. Are these medicines treating my illness or causing my problems? Can some kind medical doctor tell me whats going on.

A: As youve stated yourself, you are just unfortunately geting some of the side effects. Not everyone gets them, its worth checking with your doctor to see if he can switch some of your meds for an alternative.

Also in response to an above comment about natural remedies – dont go messing with them if you dont know about them, some natural remedies can cause more problems than they cure. Also, most medicines today are derived from plants etc, so are already ‘natural’.

A lot of people wrongly assume that herbal remedies are harmless, well they arent if you dont know what you are doing, and you certainly shouldnt try and self-medicate with them without knowing what you are taking. Even herbal natural remedies have side effects.

Go and talk to your doctor about your side effects, but please dont stop taking them, You are taking tablets for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and to prevent heart problems, so for gods sake dont stop taking them, ask your doc of there are alternatives you can try, the finasteride causes most problems in people, and i know why you could be taking them, but if its for the other reason, ie hair loss, it may be worth giving that one up!

You dont say how long you have been taking them, so please remember that quite often side effects will go after the first few weeks, so if youve only just started taking them, give them a chance to settle in.

I expect you have to have regular BP checks, so next time you are at your docs, mention the side effects and see what he says. The only problem is if you are only just starting to take these tablets, it can take a while to get the medication correct, which is why you have your BP checked, so you may just have to suffer with them for a while while the doctor tweaks your dosage.

Also,. dont drink grapefruit juice. It inteferes with the simvastatin, reducing its effectiveness. Honest!

Q: Am i on correct Cholestrol medicine?
I would like to have a second opinion on cholesterol reducing drug called “Simvastatin”. I am 34 yrs old and my recent blood test shows cholesterol level as 6.1mmol/L . My GP prescribed Simvastatin 40mg tablet, one at night for 56 days. One of my friend who has cholesterol level of 6.8mmol/L for which his GP advised him to control with diet. I wonder why my GP stared with a high dosage of Simvastatin whilst my friend’s GP suggested him to control diet? I think i am taking a high dosage and worry about side effects which can be caused by this medication. Please give me an opinion on this matter.

A: It really depends on practitioners preference, if cholesterol is high they will try three months of diet and exercise, but more often than not patients end up going on cholesterol medication after those three months. your physician was probably being proactive to get a handle on the cholesterol early. simvastatin 40 mg is a normal dose. it is not as potent as lipitor or crestor, but sounds like you don’t have horribly high cholesterol

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